Top 10 Tips And Tricks To Win Callbreak Real Money Game


Billions of people, millions of gamers, one favourite and we call it Callbreak!

It is a card game that is played by people from all around India whether they are happy, sad, bored, or stressed: A one-stop solution for unlimited entertainment.

Callbreak Empire is an online cash-winning game that is downloaded and played by lakhs of people conveniently from their phones, making it one of the topmost Callbreak multiplayer games in the industry. The game is compiled with two more games: Ludo and Skill Patti and made available on a single platform in the name Ludo Empire.

The Callbreak online game is purely built on the idea of skill-based gaming where there is no place for luck, instead, it gives its players an equal chance to play and win real cash solely through their skills.

A great player is one with great skills. They can take the player to the top of the table and help them win matches in tight situations, it's indeed a saviour. You can also catch hold of some of the most useful tips of Callbreak and turn your gaming experience into a winning riot.

Callbreak Tips

The game begins with a standard deck of cards being distributed among players where each of them calls a bid, plays their cards, wins hands, and eventually aims to become the champion. But this journey is quite tricky, which is why there are some Callbreak tricks and trips that will help you reach this goal with ease. Some of them are:

1) Knowledge Of The Game

In any game, the most important aspect is to know what the game is all about and how it is played. As a player, having a thorough knowledge of the different cards, their use, and the Callbreak rules would play a large role in helping you understand the game. This builds your confidence from within, allowing you to try different tricks and new winning methods.

2) Calling A Bid

According to most players, they consider calling a bid as a very crucial step in Callbreak. For them, it is like a hit-or-miss situation where one right call can take you to become the winner while one wrong call can make the game difficult for you. Nevertheless, it's never over until it's over. When you play a series of rounds and if one of them doesn’t go well, don’t be disheartened as other rounds can make up for it. All you have to do is call the right bid.

And for that, here are a few tips that can be looked at,

  • Always remember that in Callbreak Empire, it is compulsory to call a bid, or else you can’t play. Therefore, whenever you face a situation where you have the least chance of winning a hand, then it is best to go for a bid of 1.
  • Whereas, in other cases, if you see the probability of winning more than one hand, the smartest trick is to call a bid by one number lesser than the winning bids’ probability you think.

3) Taking Advantage Of The Rounds

Each round, each hand, and each move is a new chance to win. Based on this, Callbreak Empire has a series of rounds that give players several opportunities to keep trying, take calculated risks, and turn the game in their favour from any point. Such a feature helps the players to stay calm and focus on the game.

4) Importance Of Spade Cards

An excellent player is the one who makes the best use of their Spade cards as they are one of the most powerful cards in Callbreak. At some point in the game, when you run out of cards for a particular suit, you can play these cards and they also have the highest chances of winning you the hand. Therefore, they are also called the trump cards.

5) Importance Of Spade Cards

A Callbreak tip that is like a golden rule to winning is the sets of cards that are a sure shot win. Yes, there are situations when you can predict the exact number of bids that can be won.

For example, if you have the Ace of Spades, then it is a sure win of 1 hand. In the case of having both Ace of Spade and King of Spade, you can surely win 2 hands. If you have Ace, King, and Queen of Spade, then you can win exactly 3 hands and this applies to all the Spade cards that are in order. This is the best situation to be in as calling the bid becomes easier.

6) Play The Suit with Least Cards First

In a game, if you have the least number of cards in a particular suit, play them first, provided you have Spade cards. This has proven to be the best trick so far in this skill-based callbreak game because when you play the least cards first, the probability of you winning every other hand played of that suit becomes higher.

7) Make The Best Out Of Ace Card

Ace cards can make a huge difference in your game as they are the highest-valued cards of a suit. Therefore, you should always look to bring the maximum possibility of winning with that card and the most successful tactic to achieve this is by playing them as fast as possible.


8) First Chance Is The Best Chance

In this card game, to play first is the best opportunity you can get as a player and making the right use of it can turn the hand in your favour. That is because, when the choice is between playing the least number of cards of a suit or the Ace cards of another suit, it is always preferred to play the least number of cards first, bringing more chances of winning through trump cards and this move can be possible only if you play first.

9) Play The Last, Play The Best

A gamer always aims to play good cards and the most chances for it is when you play the last. After all the 3 opponents are done playing their cards in a hand and finally when it is your chance, you can surely say if you will win the hand or not. Depending on this, you can play the best card possible.

It is the safest move to make, since if you have zero chances of winning, then play the least-valued cards and if you can surely win the hand, then play the nearest valued card. By this, you can save the more powerful cards for the next hands.

10) Switch Of Strategies

All the above tips and tricks together form a set of strategies that can be changed according to the game. Apart from this, regular practice will help you get used to the different tactics and probabilities regarding the game. Thus, adapting to the spontaneity of the game and making quick decisions to switch strategies can take you a long way to winning.


The Callbreak Empire game of India has built immense trust in its users over the years and the main reason for this is the importance it gives to fair play, wider reach, user-friendly gaming, safety and security policies and ultimate entertainment.

Its focus on building skill-based games that allow players to use several tips and tricks to get through tough situations has helped them in bettering their performance game after game. This online real money Callbreak game along with its innovative ideas has been successful across the country by bringing major popularity and reputation to the platform. Come download now through the Callbreak download APK file* and be a part of this fun-filled family.


*Callbreak Empire is now part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.