Callbreak App Download

Call Bids, Break Hands, and Win Money!
The Callbreak game is one of the most ancient card games in the world and today we are here with a modern touch to it with our online gaming app called the Callbreak Empire. It has innovative features like Public Mode, Tournaments, Instant Payouts, Refer and Earn program, 24/7 Customer Support to address your queries, exciting cash prizes, and many more.

It is a game played with a standard deck of cards, excluding the Jokers, among 4 players at a time. The rules are quite simple and easily understandable. Also, you can always build up your card-playing skills and tactics as you continue to play. But, to start playing, you need to first download the app.

There are two methods by which you can download the Callbreak Empire app; one is through the Google Play Store, and the other is through Callbreak Empire APK*.


Here are the steps and instructions through which you can download the Callbreak play and earn money game:

  • Go to the Google Play Store, search for Ludo Empire*, and install it.
  • After the installation, read the Terms and Conditions of the game carefully and click on the "Accept" button.
  • Note: You can go ahead with the game only after you accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Then, "Sign up" with your mobile number.
  • An OTP number will be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP and "Verify" to complete the downloading process.
  • There are multiple tables available in the Callbreak Empire game. You can choose any mode as per your preference and start playing.


Callbreak Empire can also be downloaded through Callbreak APK file download*; here are the steps for it:

  • Go to your browser and visit the Callbreak Empire website,
  • Click on the "Download App" button.
  • Open the downloaded file from your Downloads and click on "Install".
  • After installing, read the Terms and Conditions of the game carefully and click on the "Accept" button.
  • Next, "Sign in" with your mobile number.
  • You will immediately receive an OTP on your phone. Enter the OTP number.
  • Click on "Verify" to complete the downloading process.
  • Choose a table and join.
  • Start playing the game and enjoy!


Callbreak is an interesting game that gets more and more exciting as you play. It is a basic understanding of cards and probability. A few points that you should keep in mind about how to play Callbreak are:

  • Read through the Callbreak rules and tips carefully. It will keep you updated on the game and also improve your gaming skills.
  • Once you are done with this, start the game by choosing either Public mode or Tournaments.
  • Go ahead and select a table from a series of them.
  • Wait till the game finds you a table and your opponents.
  • The game starts with 13 cards being distributed to each player.
  • Now, depending on the kind of cards you have, call a bid. The minimum bid is 1 and the maximum is 13.
  • Next, the rounds will begin, and a bid is called before every round.
  • When all players have thrown one card each, it forms a hand and each round has 13 hands.
  • After 13 hands, the round will end, and the next round will automatically begin as per the total number of rounds mentioned in the table.
  • Once all the rounds are played, the scoreboard appears where your points are collected.
  • In the end, the player with the highest points wins the game and gets the cash prize.

What makes the online cash-winning Callbreak game a class apart is the amount of engagement it has with its audience. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, each of the cards talks a different story. The addition of the aspect "Real Money Winning" makes it more entertaining, and at the same time, it rewards your efforts with cash prizes. It is indeed a reward for your time and skills.

You can enjoy playing the game while at home, office, car, or anywhere. So what's holding you back?
Download Callbreak Multiplayer right now and kick in your best spell to win.


Callbreak Empire is currently available for all Android users.
Yes, Callbreak Empire is an absolutely safe and secure online gaming app where the user's information is very confidential and never displayed, making it one of the most trusted online platforms.
You can play Callbreak Empire with an entry fee as low as ₹1 and go on to play and win big cash prizes.
Yes, the downloading process of Callbreak Empire is free of cost.

*Callbreak Empire is now part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.