Callbreak Rules: Callbreak Gameplay Beginner's Guide


Card games are very popular all around the world, including India. Its history dates back to China, where it originated, and it eventually moved to Middle Eastern countries of Turkey, Egypt, Iran and European countries like the UK, Italy, France, Germany, and Spain.

Babar, who belonged to the Turkish cult, was the first one to bring card games into India during his rule. Later, British rule also had a great influence on this, which led to its evolution.

During this course, card games underwent a lot of changes and took many forms while the fundamentals remained the same. One such form is Callbreak.

Callbreak Game

Callbreak started as a regional game that was played person to person in family or public gatherings. From there, it took off to online platforms, making it available on our phones and iPads. One of them is Callbreak Empire, India's leading play and earn money card game.

Today, Callbreak Empire is seeing major growth in the gaming world. In other words, it has become a favourite of all. The best part of it is its ability to sit right in everyone's lives irrespective of any social barriers. Apart from that, it is also designed in such a way that every game is a new game and a new challenge. It does not feel repetitive and thus is the best solution to beat boredom. Therefore, all you need to do is just download Callbreak and play!

Callbreak Rules

To play a game, it is important to know about the game, specifically all the basic rules and terms included in it. They lay the fundamental knowledge of a game and are a common referral point for any problem that you may come across while playing. In a way, it is more of a necessity.

Some of the rules and terms that mark the beginning of how to play Callbreak and win cash daily are as follows:

1) Cards

  • Cards are the sole element of Callbreak Empire. It consists of a standard deck of 52 cards consisting of 4 suits, excluding all jokers.
  • Each suit has 13 cards numbered from A, K, Q, and so on to the number 2, with A being the highest value and 2 the lowest.
  • The cards of the spade suits are called the trump cards that can help in winning hands easily. They are the most powerful cards in the Callbreak multiplayer game.
  • All 52 cards are thoroughly shuffled and distributed, where each player gets 13 random cards of different suits.

2) Players

  • Callbreak Empire encourages exactly 4 players to play at a time.
  • These players are a mix of beginners and some of the best-skilled players from all across the country who share a common enthusiasm and passion for the game.
  • Callbreak Empire is a platform where these players gather and give rise to fair competition.
  • It is best to be thorough with the rules of Callbreak to perform outstandingly well in the game.

3) Game Modes

  • While some prefer short and simple games, others prefer long and engaging games, but no compromise on entertainment; as such Callbreak Empire has 2 modes, which are the Public mode and the Tournament mode.
  • The Public mode is where multiple players from all across the country can play the game at any time they want. Thus, they are quite simple and easily accessible to everyone 24/7.
  • The Tournament modes are like the festivities of Callbreak, involving large groups of people with ultimate skills. They take place on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

4) Tables and Rounds

  • After choosing the game mode, a series of tables are present. These tables consist of the total number of rounds, different entry prices with the minimum being ₹1, and the winning amount.
  • Thus, you can enter any of the tables at your convenience without having to wait for anybody else to join.
  • According to the Callbreak game rules, a player has to play all the rounds back-to-back in order to complete the game and have a chance to win.

5) Exit Rules

  • Callbreak is a game where 4 players play, and one of them wins. But, if you choose to exit in between, then you will lose a chance to win the game and at the same time, lose the entry fee.
  • Even if the players exit the game in between, the game will still go on, and thus, it will not affect the remaining player's game in any way.

6) Bids

  • Callbreak is a card game full of probabilities and skills, and a perfect combination of these two is what results in a perfect bid.
  • Calling a bid is predicting the number of hands that you can win by looking at your cards.
  • The rule for bids is that a player has to make a bid to play the game; the minimum bid that can be called in a Callbreak game is 1 and the maximum can go up to 13.
  • Once the bids are called by all the players, the game rounds begin.
  • When all four players play one card at a time, it is called a hand.
  • Each round has 13 hands.
  • In each hand, the player who has played the highest card wins that particular hand and this is one of the most important Callbreak card game rules.
  • This way, by the end of a round, the players would collect their points.
  • The point distribution depends on how close your bid prediction is to your actual hands won.

7) Point System

  • As the round ends, each move that you played until then winds up in the form of points. These points are distributed among the players according to certain criteria which are as follows:
  • If the hands won are the same as the bid called, then you will win points equal to the number of bids called.
  • If the hands won are more than the bid called, then you will win points equal to the bid called and an additional +0.1 for each extra hand won.
  • If the hands won are less than the bid called, then you will lose points equal to the number of bids called.
  • At the end of each round, the points earned are shown on the scoreboard.
  • Once all the rounds are played, all points are added up and displayed on the scoreboard.
  • The player with the highest points wins and earns cash prizes.


Callbreak Empire is by far the most entertaining game found online due to its easy rules and accessibility. It has held its ground in the gaming world for ages now. Callbreak has successfully managed to reach all spheres of society including people from various generations. Skills are of core value in this game, the more skilful you get, the more the chances of you winning the game and earning real money. Now you can also grab your chance of winning huge prize money by downloading the Callbreak game from the Google Play Store or Callbreak download APK file*.


*Callbreak Empire is now part of the Ludo Empire gaming platform.