Learn How To Play
What is Callbreak?
  • Callbreak is a strategic card game played between 4 players.
  • The game begins with a standard deck of 52 cards, where 13 cards are distributed to all the 4 players.
  • In the Callbreak game, Spade cards have the highest value. Spades are the trump cards of the game.
  • After each player get their hand of 13 cards, the players take turn to predict the bids or calls they can win. Click next to know how to bid or make calls.
What are Bids/Calls in Callbreak?
  • The players make possible calls or bids, and the goal is to achieve that many calls, or bids at the end of the game. For ex, if a player selects 2 bids, then he/she has to win 2 or more to win the round.
  • Players can make a call between 1-13, with the lowest possible call being 1, and the highest being 13. After all the players make their bids, a random player begins the game in clockwise direction.
  • A hand is completed when all the players throw one card each to the table. There are 13 hands played in 1 round.
Callbreak Gameplay
  • All the players' have to play the same card suite started by the first player in a hand.
  • In order to win a hand, one must play a higher card value than all the other players.
  • In the situation if a player doesn't have the card of the same suite that is being played, then in that case, he/she may choose to play the card suite with the highest value i.e., Spades to win the round.
  • If a player neither has Spade cards (trump card) or the card of the same suite played during a round, then in that case, he/she may throw any random suite of card. However, winning that particular hand is not possible.
  • The player with the highest card value wins all the cards of that particular round, and gets maximum points.
Callbreak Empire Point System
  • The game ends after 3 rounds. Points are calculated after 3 rounds, and the player with the highest points tally wins the game.
  • If a player completes the predicted bids or calls in a round, then, that many points will be added to his/her points tally. For example, if you bid 4 calls, and end up winning 4 calls in that particular round, then, 4 points will be added to your points tally.
  • Suppose a player wins more than the predicted calls, then in that case, additional 0.1 points will be added to his or her points tally. For example, if you bid 4 calls, and end up winning 5 calls, your total points would be 4.1.
  • If a player falls short of their predicted bids, in such a situation, negative points will be added to the player's points tally. For example, If you bid 4 calls, and could only complete 3 calls, then, you will loose points equal to your bid, i.e., -4 points will be added to your points tally.
Tips & Tricks to Win
  • To win, you must get the maximum points by completing your calls, or bids, at the end of 3 rounds.
  • Since, Callbreak is a game of 52 cards it is wise to observe all the cards that have already been played out. This will give you a fair idea on what card to play when it's your turn to start a round.
  • Before you make a call, make sure you set your goal to win the exact call or better. For example, if you are predicting 4 successful calls, then, it is wiser to bid for 3 calls.
  • Use your spade cards wisely. Since, Spade cards are the trump cards, it is better to hold them for the last rounds.